Alex potting up plug plants Alex is one of our longest standing trainees and has overcome significant challenges to become a highly valued member of our employed team.

Disadvantaged by severe dyslexia, OCD and autism, Alex is a classic example of an intelligent, knowledgeable and capable individual with challenges that make them invisible in the mainstream employment market. Over the time he has been at Organic Blooms, however, Alex has demonstrated significant strengths and qualities that align perfectly with our propagation work.

Alex’s seed sowing, potting on and seed saving skills are second to none. He performs each with an incredible level of accuracy and attention to detail, and has at various points given most members of the staff team – including Jo – lessons in his methods!

Alex has also proved his worth as an advisor on the conditions he lives with, providing incredibly articulate and insightful information and suggestions that have helped Jo and her team to make important breakthroughs in the progress of other trainees.

Away from Organic Blooms, Alex enjoys exploring the UK in the company of his Aunty Deb and often shares his photos from weekend visits to museums and visitor attractions.

Known as the Organic Blooms voice of common sense, the entire team enjoys Alex’s anecdotes and no-nonsense views on everything from TV shows to politics – he always says it like it is and sees the straightforward solutions. Most members of the team share the view that Alex would make an excellent apolitical prime minister!

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