We love flower farming. It isn’t always easy – as with all farming there are unexpected challenges to resolve and difficult decisions to make every day. But it is so rewarding in so many ways – that’s why we do it.

It’s why you might want to do it too.

Cut flowers are a luxury and we believe that consumers are increasingly thinking about the provenance and environmental impact of their blooms. The fewer the flower miles the better and British – better still locally-grown – flowers are the way to go.

Interest in British flowers is growing, creating an opportunity for people who want to turn their flower-growing passion into a commercial venture. If you have access to land (starting with a large garden or an allotment-sized plot is fine) and are interested in using it to grow an ethical enterprise, join us for our three-day flower farming course in June.

Over the three days our directors Jo and Wendy will share as much of their horticultural, floristry and business experience with you as possible as they discuss your growing environment; soil and how to look after it; maximising use of your space; planning your year; critical inputs; selecting species for their floristry merit, yields and to suit your conditions; potential markets; harvesting and conditioning flowers; and basic floristry techniques.

Now in it’s third year, previous participants have been attracted to our leading-edge course from as far afield as mainland Europe and Finland – it’s great to know that people in other countries are interested in the origins of their cut-flowers too.

Find out more from the course listing or you can give us a call to discuss whether this is the right course for you – we’d love to hear from you.