Today we definitely felt that Spring is springing into life again at Organic Blooms!  The polytunnels and cutting gardens are increasingly verdant daily – and this week’s sunshine has brought enough warmth to the tunnels for us to shed our coats and fleeces.

This early springing into life can be deceptive though – our young tunnel-raised plants are still tender and, itching as we are to fill our dormant beds, we’re having to hold ourselves back and be very selective about what we plant out.

Last week we performed one of our annual rituals that marks the onset of spring – waking up the dahlias. Each autumn we dig up the tubers, lay them out in a polytunnel to dry, shake off the soil and loosely pack them in straw-filled bread crates to hibernate. Last week we gently woke them, dusting them off, removing any rot – in spite of good airflow we always suffer a handful of rotten tubers – splitting the sizeable ones and potting them up.

Because all the nutrients they need to spring into new growth is stored with the tubers, old compost is ideal for this. We’ve left them in a polytunnel, protected against night time cold and unexpected frosts with a blanket of horticultural fleece, until they sprout. We’ve also treated ourselves to some gorgeous additional varieties to trial and, in spite of their somewhat unwieldy size, we couldn’t resist adding a few more of the stunning ‘café au lait’ to our collection.

In the meantime, things are hotting up on the floristry side of things as well. Our anemones are going from strength to strength and we’re gearing up for mothers’ day.

More about that in our next blog, but in the meantime take a peek at our shop page to check out our mothers’ day jug arrangement for delivery nationally, or click here for a Mother’s Day jug of Spring flowers for collection