Wellbeing Week

Today marks the end of our first ever Wellbeing Week at Organic Booms and we were able to share some of this wellbeing with our most local customers with a very timely flowering of our first bunches of beautiful anenomes!

Wellbeing is, essentially, what we do – looking after the wellbeing of our people, our soil, our environment and our clients as well as contributing to the wellbeing of our local economy and the British flower industry. We take a holistic approach to wellbeing, all of the time.

But every now and again it is worth paying particular attention to our personal wellbeing, and that is what our Wellbeing Week is all about.

All week our staff, trainees and volunteers are thinking about what we can do to look after and improve our wellbeing. We’ve been making fruit and veg smoothies, snacking on crudites and encouraging each other to try something new, and we’ve also been talking about healthy shopping and eating.

Together we’ve been thinking about simple ways of improving our mood, including focusing on breathing, smiling – the act of which stimulates endorphin release – and doing something kind for someone else. The many members of our team who practice mindfulness or meditation have been discussing different techniques and what works best for them. Clinical hypnotherapist Caroline Huish, from fellow local business The Old Rectory Clinic in Iron Acton, very kindly visited to talk about ways to reduce anxiety with positive thoughts, positive actions and positive interactions, which we all found both helpful, and thought-provoking.  We also gave out positivity journals for people to use to capture 3 positive things about their day.  Doing this every day can have a powerful effect on how you see your life and the world.

On a similar theme, some of us have made visualisation boards during the week – a collage of positive messages and images chosen by each of us to inspire and motivate us and lift our mood. We will be keeping them somewhere prominent and visible at home to give us a daily boost.

We’ve really enjoyed Wellbeing Week and we’re planning to build elements of what we’ve been doing into our regular working week here. Focusing on personal wellbeing has been great for our trainees – make sure you focus on yours too! Grab a pile of old magazines, some glue and a sheet of card and take 20 minutes to make your own mood-lifting visualisation board to wake up to each morning.