My work experience at Organic Blooms gave me an insight in to the world of work and the idea of giving people with learning difficulties and mental health support needs a chance to have a job with the feel of getting a salary, gaining friendships and also just having a normal lifestyle despite their health.

My first thought about Organic Blooms to be truthful, was that it might not be very interesting! (I thought picking flowers all day wouldn’t be fun at all, let alone a week of it). But as I was told what Blooms actually provides for people I started getting a little spark (a little!) of interest, so I pushed through and found out that this is actually fun, intriguing and all round interesting. I learned skills I never thought I would be able to gain. I was able to get to know new people and how they cope with the jobs that got given to them and how they proceeded through with them.

The week went by very fast that by the end I didn’t want to go back to school if I’m honest with you (well does anybody!). I thoroughly enjoyed being around everyone and working alongside them.

The skills I learned through the week I know will be useful for my future jobs and day-to-day life. I really want to come back to Organic Blooms once I get free from the dreaded GSCE’s or even before that -in the holidays – I’m sure it will help keep me chilled with all the pressure of year 11 ahead of me!

Thanks Organic Blooms for an awesome time with you this week. I will keep in touch!

Images of Autumn dew on Lad’s Mantle and ‘The Generous Gardener’ taken at Organic Blooms today by Chelsea Mciver
153_chelsea blog dew on lady's mantle 2

153_Chelsea blog resized rose pic2