We may not have a Royal Appointment for our bouquets yet, but we were privileged to attend a Royal Garden Party in the beautiful gardens of Buckingham Palace today! The whole day has felt surreal, but what will remain with me forever (apart from the idea of putting mint in cucumber sandwiches!) is actually how many brave, hard working and visionary people there are in this country, and how many more people there are who never get any thanks or recognition for the acts of kindness or strength they show every day. I felt honoured to represent all of the hard working team at Organic Blooms today – past and present, and always feel humbled when I encounter the sheer determination and courage that our extremely special work team show just by making it to Organic Blooms every day. It is wonderful that Organic Blooms has had this recognition, and there will be times in the future when the thought of it may help us through a particularly tough, wet or windy day, but in truth I would never find a better job than this – growing beautiful British cut flowers alongside some of the best people you could ever know!

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153_Jo Palace 2