Valentine's day pretty posies …but they definitely aren’t in season. Red roses may have become synonymous with Valentine’s day but they could hardly be less representative of the time of year.

The millions of roses imported vast distances from warmer climes – often Africa – for Valentine’s day use enormous amounts of energy, land, pesticides, fertilisers and water to grow, harvest, process, transport and cold-store.

But if you want to make a romantic gesture that incurs less of a carbon footprint, there are some lovely and imaginative alternatives.

How about a red rose bush for your Valentine to plant in their garden? Buy it bare root from a reputable grower and it should establish quickly and flower this year.

A packet of organic flower seeds tucked in their card, or a thoughtful selection of seeds for your beloved to plant their own cutting patch might be just the thing, and certainly romantic – after all, it’s said that to plant a garden is to believe in the future. It will also mean jugs of fresh flowers to be enjoyed throughout the spring, summer and early autumn. You could even research the Victorian language of flowers to convey a romantic message with your seed choices! To learn how to plan, plant and make the most of the resulting flowers, a place on our cutting garden course, floristry skills or hand tied bouquet workshops would make a fabulous Valentine’s gift.

Flowers-to-be-looked-forward-to are another lovely idea. Our four seasons of flowers and year of flowers packages would both make Valentine’s gifts that keep on giving. Both of these include a packet of Grace Alexander seeds with the first delivery.

Although it’s still early in the British growing year, if you do want to give flowers on the day there are a few spring flowers that are starting to come into their own. Here at Organic Blooms our gorgeous jewel-toned anemones, grown in the shelter of our polytunnels, are just coming into bloom and we are offering our early pickings in our very limited edition Valentine’s pretty posies hampers.

A gift is a gorgeous luxury and is absolutely not essential in letting someone know how you feel about them. However, for those lucky enough to receive something lovely this Valentine’s day, knowing the gift is ethical will make the gesture so much more appealingly romantic.