This summer of meteorological challenges has wiped out any danger of horticultural complacence amongst the Organic Blooms team.

Growing in the face of such difficult conditions tests our horticultural expertise, forcing us to think on our feet to make adjustments and find solutions. Germination rates have been low at worst, unpredictable at best; seedlings have scorched in the polytunnels in the blink of an eye; young plants have taken longer to develop strong root systems and we’ve had to balance the need to water with the cost of watering.

Those flowers that have flourished in the field have struggled once cut: in spite of rigorously careful conditioning, flowers were faring perfectly for local collections but weren’t enjoying being couriered. Rather than risk the quality of our flowers on reaching our customers, a few weeks ago we made the very difficult decision to stop sending flowers and limit orders to collection only.

If you want to hone your own horticultural skills, now is a great time to do it. We’re running horticultural skills training next week and it isn’t too late to book on.

The course is very hands on and practical but covers a wide range of knowledge on soil types and testing, growing conditions and micro-climates, plants for different situations, plant and weed identification, seed sowing and propagation techniques, soil preparation, weeding, composting, planting, pruning, training, watering and much more.

You’ll have the option to gain the City & Guilds level 1 certificate or level 1 diploma – ideal qualifications whether to extend your personal knowledge and practice or to use in professional gardening contexts.

Throw in some tea and cake and the freedom of our cutting beds to take some colour home with you – what better way to spend a few days?