Today we’re celebrating World Mental Health Day.

In particular we’re celebrating the very positive impact that gardening and spending time in green spaces has on mental wellbeing. It’s something we see every day in our trainees with mental health support needs. Physical work outdoors, sowing and nurturing plants and seeing the end results of their labours all contribute massively to mental health recovery and it is a privilege to witness and be a part of it.

Last year Katy – a key member of our employed team who started out as one of our trainees – and Jo took part in a short film, Digging for Recovery, for our local mental health trust, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust. The film highlights how gardening and growing can help people in recovery, but all of us can get significant benefits from tending our gardens and spending time in the natural environment. Those of us lucky enough to work or volunteer at Organic Blooms feel the positive effects just as much as our trainees, but getting outside is a really simple way for all of us to boost our wellbeing. From a few minutes tending a some pots of herbs on a windowsill to planting a cutting patch or veg patch, or simply taking brisk 20 minute walk in the local park or nearest countryside, time outside is something all of us can easily build into our daily lives.

So – grey and damp though it may be – get outside to look after your mental health this World Mental Health Day.