Why are we organic?

A more relevant question might be: “Why wouldn’t we be organic?”

Cut flowers are a luxury product. We believe that producing luxuries should not have a negative impact on people or the environment. Knowing that our flowers are grown following strong ethical practices means we can enjoy them all the more.

Soil is essentially a living organism – arguably the most important living organism on the planet – teeming with beneficial bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi and invertebrates all working proactively together in symbiotic harmony. Soil needs to be protected just as much as any endangered species.

Growing in balance with nature forces us to become better gardeners and care for our soil.

We follow our ethics through into our packaging as far as possible. Our boxes and cellophane are compostable and we are always seeking out and trialling new products, such as biodegradable floristry foam and compostable aqua-packaging.

Growing flowers in a way that actively contributes to soil health and local biodiversity, as well as providing opportunities for local people, means that we can enjoy the luxury of flowers with peace of mind. In fact, we like to think that knowing the benefits of our ethical, organic growing practices helps our customers to enjoy the luxury of our flowers even more.

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“Ethics are central to Organic Blooms and incredibly important to me. Growing organically has been part of what we do since the beginning – it’s beneficial to the wellbeing of people as well as the environment and local biodiversity. I was delighted when we achieved Soil Association certified organic status in February 2017 as it not only recognised our growing ethics but also opened up more ways to us to improve our practice, for example by taking part in field labs.”

– Jo Wright, Organic Blooms Founding Director

Weddings & Events

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Stunning, ethical and unique wedding flowers which are also organic and locally grown. Inspired by nature, grown for you.

Workshops & Courses

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Attend one of our popular workshops at Organic Blooms to learn more about floristry and flower farming.

Bouquets & Gifts

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You can order our organic flowers and bouquets for delivery or collection from our flower farm just outside Bristol

Flowers Gallery

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Organic flowers, including flower meadows, cut flowers, bouquets and flowers for weddings, events and funerals.


Beautiful flowers, responsibly grown

If you love cut flowers, care about where they come from and how they are grown, then a stunning bouquet of British cut flowers from Organic Blooms could be just what you’ve been looking for!