Hurray! We are celebrating because today our land becomes certified Organic!

We have cause to celebrate on this cold February day because after a 2 year process our land has finally converted to Organic status, under the Soil Association.

Many people ask why it is so important to us that our flowers are certified organic.  From our perspective, it’s simple – we feel that our flowers hold more beauty because they are grown naturally and without a cost to the environment.  They are grown in harmony with the local wildlife and actually add to the biodiversity of the area.  We consider the Soil Association symbol to denote quality, ethics and a product or business that cares about the impact of its actions on the wider world.

So for us, this season will be extra special because we will be harvesting our first certified organic bouquets.  We have a few ideas about what we should do with our very first bouquet – auction it for charity? Send it to the queen? Let us know if you have any ideas!

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